From just £12 a year could save you over £250*

It’s only when your keys go missing, you realise just how much it could cost - in time, hassle and of course, money. How do you get into your house or car? Who do you contact? Who can you trust to sort it out? How do locksmiths charge so much - even just for call-outs?

For as little as £12 a year (just 4p a day) you can trust GEN-3 Keycare to help sort it all out for you. With your keys either returned to you or, on our more comprehensive policies, up to £1,500 in costs for replacement keys and locks covered, it’s a low-cost way to avoid a potentially expensive headache.

*All figures quoted are current as at Jan 2018. Figures are taken from claims paid by Keycare.
The average cost of replacing & reprogramming a car key is £300. The average cost to replace house locks is £265.

How much could it cost to replace your keys if they were lost or stolen?




(Source: The figures represent the average cost to replace a key fob for these car brands)

A call out for a key locked in a car is approximately


A call out for a key locked in a house is approximately


A house deadlock varies from

£144 - £210

(Source: All figures are based on Keycare’s claims paid in 2017)

What your GEN-3 Keycare includes

  • 24/7 Emergency assistance - help and support from our UK based emergency helpline
  • Help with access into your home or car - and an approved nationwide network of locksmiths
  • Up to £1500 a year cover for lost/stolen keys, plus replacement locks and locksmith charges
  • Every key attached to your GEN-3 Keycare fob is covered - not just your home and car keys
  • Convenience - if your vehicle is unusable due to lost or stolen keys we’ll cover vehicle hire (£40 per day for up to 3 days) or a taxi ride home
  • No excess to pay

Why choose GEN-3 Keycare?

UK’s No 1

great recovery record
with over a third of lost
keys returned


with over 40 years’
experience, and a trusted
network of locksmiths

2.1 million customers

who rate us highly,
with 78.1% happy to
recommend us

(Source: Keycares NPS score customer research Feb 2018)

Get the facts before you get GEN-3 Keycare

  • In 2015 about 30% of British people had their car keys stolen.
  • It costs, on average, £300 to replace and recode car keys.
  • Between April 2014 and 2015, 43% of vehicles were stolen using the owner’s keys.
(Source: Keycare customer research & ONS)

How does GEN-3 Keycare work?

We provide you with a GEN-3 Keycare fob to attach to your keys to start your cover. Your unique fob number helps us identify your keys should they go missing. If your keys are found, we manage getting them back to you at your convenience.

If your keys are not found, GEN-3 Keycare will help get you back on track through our trusted network of locksmiths, in line with your level of cover.

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